So, finally, our dear Kim Kardashian West was also charmed by the power of stones and crystals, so much so that she dedicated her first three fragrances to them, naming them Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus e Crystal Gardenia Oud. After being robbed during Fashion Week in Paris last year, Kim started receiving some crystal treatment, and despite not being sure whether she believed in their power to raise her energy and fight stress at first, she fell in love with them later on.

This is obviously an alternative cure, not actual therapy, and it is based on the ability of each stone’s energy to influence the psychological and physical body of all of us: it’s all about having a stone, and working with its energy. You can also place your stones in a glass vase and keep the vase in your room, or place them on your body when you meditate.

There are thousands of crystals out there, one more charming than the other, which are attractive for their powers, their colors and their size: this is why we decided to show you our favorites among them in our gallery.